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Taurus PT-111 (PT111G2 9MM)


Gun Review: Taurus PT-111 G2 (PT111G2 9MM) WELL WORTH THE MONEY!

By far, the Taurus PT-111 is one of my all-time favorite carry guns for a multitude of reasons. Besides having a great price and MSRP, the Taurus PT-111 comes standard with the following concealed carry features out of the box:

  • Textured grips that ensure that you’ll never drop the gun in a firefight (sweaty palms and adrenaline can make you lose control of your carry gun in a pinch!)
  • Adjustable sights so you can make sure you’re always as accurate as possible
  • Double/single action trigger that could save your life (read more below!)
  • Striker-fired trigger that makes the single or double action trigger pull excellent
  • Picatinny rail system which allows you to mount a laser or flashlight to be able to get on target or see a threat in low-light conditions
  • Double stack capacity which ensures you’ll never run out of ammunition in a firefight

Taurus PT111 G2 Trigger: ULTIMATE Concealed Carry Trigger

This is not your standard trigger system.
The Tautus PT-111 G2 trigger is a super unique trigger system – in fact, I’ve only seen this trigger on the PT-111 G2 and the Taurus 709 Slim. Here’s what makes the trigger on the PT111 G2 different – it’s both a double and single trigger system.

What’s a double/single trigger system on the PT111?

Most striker-fired firearms – Glocks, Smith&Wesson Shields, Khar Arms, etc – all have STRIKER-FIRED pistols. Striker-fired triggers usually means two things – they have an internal firing pin (and no external hammer), and they have no internal reset mechanism. There is one major weakness to most single-action striker-fired pistols: if the round doesn’t go off when you pull the trigger, you have absolutely no choice but to manually rack the slide and re-chamber a round.

The PT111 trigger system may save your life!

In single action mode, the Taurus PT111 will automatically reset to double-action mode if your round does not go off. Why? Simple: Imagine you are carrying the Taurus PT111 as your defensive concealed carry pistol. You are walking into Walmart and come across an active shooter scenario. You draw your Taurus, take aim, and CLICK! The gun doesn’t go off.

If you were carring your Glock, Smith&Wesson Shield, Khar Arms, or any other traditional single-action striker fired firearm, you would need to manually cycle your slide in order to take a second shot.

With your Taurus PT111, all you need to do is pull the trigger again! The Taurus PT111 automatically resets it’s trigger into double action mode which gives you a unique second-shot capability.

Taurus PT-111 G2: ULTIMATE Concealed Carry Gun!

The Taurus PT111 is a great gun for concealed carry. This gun can hold 13 rounds, but the frame is compact, making it small enough to be tucked away under a shirt or waistband. The Taurus PT111 has a great gripping surface on the frame, providing a comfortable, confident hold. The external features of this 9mm include a manual safety, slide stop, and a tear-down bar that is very similar to a Glock’s.

Taurus PT111 Teardown

The first step in tearing down, or field stripping, is to check and see that the firearm is not loaded and can be handled safely. Once the magazine is removed, check again to make sure the chamber is not still loaded. Next you will want to close the slide. Once the slide is closed, pull back the slide to remove the pressure on the take-down bar. Using your other hand, pull both sides of the bar down and release the slide. Once released, pull the trigger to allow the slide to be completely removed from the frame. Once the slide is removed, the barrel and recoil spring can be easily taken out.

Description: TAU PT111MP G2 9MM PST 12R B
Manufacturer: Taurus
Model #: PT111 Millennium G2
Type: Semi-Automatic Pistol
Finish: Blue
Stock: Polymer Frame
Sights: Front: Dot Rear: Adjustable 2-Dot
Barrel Length: 3.2″
Overall Length: 6.2″
Weight: 22 oz
Caliber: 9MM
Capacity: 12+1
Action: Double Action
# of Mags: 2
Receiver: Picatinny Rail
Features: Loaded Chamber Indicator


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