Taurus Gx4xl 9mm 3.7″ Blk


Taurus is pleased to introduce the next iteration of its heralded GX4 micro-compact pistol, the Taurus GX4XL. The new GX4XL provides a longer slide which adds 1 inch of length when compared to the GX4XL-increasing muzzle velocity and sight radius, making it easier to maintain accuracy. The Taurus GX4XL series pistols lead the micro-pistol class with their 10-” 11-” or 13-round capacity, durable finish, ergonomics, and exceptional accuracy. The Taurus GX4XL offers minimal printing even when worn under light clothing yet delivers the firepower and performance serious personal defense practitioners demand in an EDC/CCW handgun.

Features :

  • “3.7” DLC Coated SS Barrel”
  • 2 Backstrap Options
  • Flat Face Trigger
  • Black Steel Serrated Sight Set
  • 2 Magazines
  • Nitride Carbon Steel Slide


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