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Ruger LCP .380 Carry Gun


Ruger LCP .380 ACP: One of Our Favorite “Pocket Pistols”

Watch: Unboxing and Overview


This is one of the most popular concealed carry firearms on the planet. The Ruger LCP .380 has the perfect size, shape, and features to make it an excellent pocket concealed carry pistol.


The Ruger LCP was designed by Ruger to be a firearm that you place in your pocket and not have the weight or take up the space of a larger pistol.

The single stack 6-round magazine makes the LCP very slim and easy to remove from a pocket, holster, or purse, but gives you the opportunity to put 7(6+1) of the great personal protection round, .380ACP, downrange.

The Ruger LCP is a very small handgun, but it should not be taken as a joke – this pistol can be put in many places on or around the body and never be known by anyone else that you are concealing a firearm.

These are just some of the features that make the Ruger LCP one of the best pocket pistols on the market!

Unboxing the Ruger LCP

Let’s have a look at the Ruger LCP .380. Based on its name, the Ruger LCP is a lightweight carry pistol, making it a great pocket gun for protection in different situations.

The gun comes packed with the item sticker, instruction manual, and firearm. 

On this gun is a chamber flag, which is unloaded in this case. First things first, we push back the slide, detach the chamber flag and peek on the inside to make sure there are no bullets or cartridges. At this point, the magazine is detached.

As we get further into the features, the LCP has an external lock and an excellent pocket holster that allows you to stash it in the front or back pocket. On its side is a concealment wing that makes the pistol’s outline less visible when in the pocket. 

The LCP comes with a single magazine and an exchangeable floor plate. After popping the magazine in, the floor plate provides a surface to rest your fingers. You also have the flush option to add more concealment to the firearm.

The foremost part of the gun features nonadjustable front and rear sights. Since you’re not going to use it on long-distance range shoots, this feature makes it a suitable carry-pocket firearm.

The downside, however, is the tough slide which is pretty hard to pull back and lock with the finger. But you can easily do this by holding the gun in your hand, rotating your wrist over the slide, and then pulling and pushing it simultaneously. Always keep in mind that the slide will not lock back after the last round, or rather when it is empty.

You have a manual slide lock to secure the slide in the rear for chamber inspection and to place it on a surface at the shooting range without the chamber flag. Locking the slide will take about twice the strength you’d use for other handguns. 

To dismantle the firearm, snap the takedown pin from the opposite side using a knife or an empty cartridge. Popping the pin allows the slide to come off smoothly so you can open the fire for cleaning. 

On the top of the Ruger LCP is an open cut extending equally to the firearm’s left and right sides. The unique design minimizes jamming to make it easy to clear faults in the shortest time. The opening also provides space to pack cartridges during training or when needed.

 You can see the flush profile hammer when the firearm is in the semi-cocked and ready-to-fire positions. Pushing the slide to the front moves the hammer back, giving you a vision of your position at the trigger pull. Although the trigger needs a long pull, it is far better than the previous TCP version. 

A fascinating feature of this firearm is the absence of an external thumb safety which protects the user from accidental firing. For your protection, always keep the gun facing a safe direction, keep your finger away from the trigger if you’re not going to shoot, and only load it when you use it. flubromazolam powder for sale , where to buy psychedelics in portland , where can i buy mushrooms in oregon , mushroom dispensary Portland Oregon,

The extractor is specially fabricated to allow the safe and reliable removal of cartridges and their cases from the chamber. Close to the extractor is a viewport- a small peep sight hole that gives you a slight view of the interior of the chamber without snapping back the slide. 

The gun’s build consists of a tough single nylon grip strengthened by glass fiber. The grip is relatively serrated and checkered for the extra grip. Its build sustains its structural integrity while maintaining its lightweight feature and benefits. 

Thanks to the single-strike double-action mechanism, you can cock and fire this gun with just a single trigger pull. After pulling the trigger, you’ll need to manually manipulate the slide for the single, double-action trigger to work again. 

LCP can hold up to seven rounds – one in the chamber and six in the magazine. This is all you may need to get the job done. 

Hands down for the Ruger LCP .380 when it comes to lightweight concealed carry and budget-friendly firearms. With this firearm, no one will notice you’re carrying a gun on the external holster or on your hip. 



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