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The Ruger LC9s Pro has two big differences from the standard LC9s. The LC9s Pro does not have a manual safety and also does not feature a magazine disconnect safety.These are brand new to the market, buy yours today from our Online Gun Shop!


The Ruger LC9s is a workhorse of carry guns. This gun is lightweight, concealable, and extremely accurate.

  • The trigger pull on this carry gun is better than a Glock – and WAY better than the Smith & Wesson M&P Series
  • The light trigger leads to a crisp pull – which will keep you on target much faster and easier – potentially a LIFE SAVING FEATURE on this carry gun
  • This is a CARRY gun – perfectly slim and compact for your everyday carry (EDC)
  • The Ruger LC9s frame is made of the absolute latest and strongest technology


Original Ruger LC9:

  • Bad-ass/lightweight/sleek carry pistol that fits just about anywhere
  • Great feeling double-action-only trigger pull keeps you from accidentally discharging your firearm
  • Manual thumb safety that kept you doubly safe
  • Magazine safety made the pistol inoperable with no magazine – triple the safety!

Ruger LC9s:

  • Exactly the same size and shape as the original LC9
  • Newly designed striker-fired action which lead to a trigger pull better than a Glock’s
  • Will not fire without magazine in

Ruger LC9s Pro:

  • No thumb safety
  • Sweet trigger pull
  • Fires without magazine in
  • Trigger safety only
  • #uhohgunaccident
The LC9 features a manual thumb safety where the new Ruger LC9s Pro does not. The other major feature change is the Magazine Disconnect Safety. The Ruger LC9 has a magazine disconnect where the New LC9s Pro does not.


Ruger LC9S – The Perfect Striker Fire 9mm for Concealed Carry

Are you familiar with the Ruger LC9? That’s a great carry gun… but Ruger went and made it better.

That’s what Ruger does.

The biggest complaint about the Ruger LC9 was the trigger pull. That’s normal! The Ruger LC9 was made for concealed carry, and so a long trigger pull was acceptible.

But now, Ruger just came out with the Ruger LC9S – which is a striker fired trigger system. What a difference!

Ruger LC9S (Striker-fired) 9mm FAQs

Does the striker fired trigger vs. the double-action only trigger really make a difference?

Yes, it certainly does.

Some people want the standard LC9 because they want a longer trigger pull. When you’re carrying concealed, it’s easy to have an accident with the trigger – and it would definitely be easier to have an accident with the Ruger LC9S striker-fire trigger than it would be to have an accident with the standard Ruger LC9.

The advantage to the Ruger LC9S (striker-fired) is that you don’t have such a long, heavy trigger pull.

Do the safety benefits of the standard Ruger LC9 outweigh the benefits of the striker-fired LC9s?

That’s completely up to you. The Ruger LC9 is a great gun, and so is the Ruger LC9s.

What is the capacity of the Ruger LC9S?

The capacity of the Ruger LC9s and the Ruger LC9 is 7+1 rounds of 9mm. They both have the same capacity.

How easy is the Ruger LC9s to conceal?

The Ruger LC9 is only 6″ long from the back of the gun to the front, and it weights just under 17oz. It’s the perfect size and shape to conceal on your hip, in a shoulder holster, in a pocket, or in a purse.

It will also fit perfectly in ANY glove box or center console.

Does Florida Gun Supply’s online gun store recommend the Ruger LC9S?

Yes, we highly recommend both the Ruger LC9 and the Ruger LC9S as truly fantastic carry guns. These guns are on every top concealed carry gun list we’ve ever written.

How many magazines does the Ruger LC9S come with?

The Ruger LC9s only comes with one magazine.

Can I get a Ruger LC9 with a laser?

Absolutely. For the Ruger LC9s, you’ll need to buy an aftermarket laser – for now. But the Ruger LC9 comes with a couple of laser options: the Ruger LC9 with the Crimson Trace Laser, and the Ruger LC9 with the LaserMax laser.


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