Magtech 5.56 NATO Ammunition 50 Rounds M193 FMJ 55 Grain


Product Description

Magtech ammunition prides themselves on being a world leader in engineering some of the best ammunition available in the market today. As one of the oldest manufacturer’s in the world, they have produced billions of rounds of ammunition in a variety of calibers, weights, and styles.

Magtech lives by these three standards; The innovation is clear, The workmanship is evident, The quality speaks for itself.


Caliber: 5.56 NATO (5.56x45mm)

Bullet Type: M193 Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)

Bullet Weight: 55 Grains

Rounds: 50 Rounds per Box

Muzzle Velocity: 3250 FPS

Bullet Diameter: 224″

Casing: Brass

Primer Style: Boxer



Positive Functioning

Quick Expansion

Energy Transfer

Usage: Self Defense, Range


SKU 556A

UPC 754908200313

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